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    Miami Beach Convention Center

    Whenever there’s a change in the top management of any organization, a lot of things can become uncertain, and each approach can be unique. It can be an exhausting task to understand the company culture and learn every process and change, especially when it involves bringing agility and efficiency to an ongoing operation. Even a small change in the accounts payable process, such as swapping payment methods, can prove to be a huge task. It requires changing providers and redeploying some of the already in place solutions. However, we at Dapango Technologies have successfully helped and supported the Miami Beach Convention Center in migrating from credit card payments to a purchase orders process. Our assistance extending them credit terms and also providing knowledge and expertise in the technology field. We work with top brands like Dell, Microsoft, Honeywell, Logitech, HP, and others to bring top-notch value, cost-effectiveness, and agility. The Miami Beach Convention Center trusts Dapango Technologies as their go-to cloud, managed services, and equipment provider.

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    AGV Consulting

    When it comes to expanding a business and introducing new services and revenue streams, it can be a daunting task that requires careful consideration and strategic planning. That’s why AGV Consulting recognized the importance of partnering with the right experts to ensure success. After conducting extensive research, they chose to collaborate with Dapango technologies to revolutionize CCTV monitoring systems in Panama. Thanks to Dapango’s specialized knowledge and experience in this field, the team was able to quickly and efficiently execute their innovative solution, which ultimately proved to be a game-changer in the market. AGV Consulting has come to depend on Dapango as their go-to Cloud and Managed Service Provider, knowing that they can trust their expertise and commitment to excellence. With this successful partnership, both companies have achieved their desired outcomes and continue to thrive.

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    Jan and Jay arrived at the decision to close their business after more than forty years of operation. However, their current IT provider failed to prioritize them during this crucial phase in their lives. Retirement can be an overwhelming experience, particularly when faced with a significant IT workload, such as data destruction, migrations, and compliance with all type of regulations. It can be challenging to determine the appropriate course of action. Fortunately, our excellent relationship with Hornet Security facilitated our introduction to this remarkable couple. We assumed responsibility for their legacy systems and fulfilled the commitments they had made over the years. Throughout their year of transition, we continued to provide support, ensuring that their customers were not placed in a similar predicament.

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    Reds Tax Services

    A mother and son duo decided to start an accounting firm, but their first hurdle was technology. They were unsure of what systems to use, where to host them, and how to store, protect, and encrypt data. Additionally, they needed to comply with various state and federal government regulations. Luckily, a family member who owned Dapango Technologies stepped in to help. Our team researched and tested different solutions for tax preparers who work with personal and business tax returns at the federal and state level. After selecting the best option, we helped the family startup architect and deploy the solution. Today, REDS Tax and Services relies on Dapango Technologies as their Cloud and Managed Service provider. They use our company’s vCIO services, Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and Compliance as a Service to operate effectively.