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A mother and son duo decided to start an accounting firm, but their first hurdle was technology. They were unsure of what systems to use, where to host them, and how to store, protect, and encrypt data. Additionally, they needed to comply with various state and federal government regulations. Luckily, a family member who owned Dapango Technologies stepped in to help. Our team researched and tested different solutions for tax preparers who work with personal and business tax returns at the federal and state level. After selecting the best option, we helped the family startup architect and deploy the solution. Today, REDS Tax and Services relies on Dapango Technologies as their Cloud and Managed Service provider. They use our company’s vCIO services, Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and Compliance as a Service to operate effectively.


I am a Marketing and Sales executive with a drive to succeed, a creative mind, and a proactive approach. My passion for branding has inspired me to break into various areas of commerce. My main objective is to represent the essence of our company and create better solutions for our clients. I specialize in creating content that resonates with emotions and conducting competitive analyses to position our company above our rivals. I am committed to contributing to our company's growth and success.

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