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Sportmax migration of the web core and infrastructure modernization
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Sportmax migration of the web core and infrastructure modernization

Dapango Technologies provided guidance and designed a solution to modernize and expand the network infrastructure while safeguarding investments and training SportsMax.

In 2021, an enthralling tale began to unfold as the founder of Dapango Technologies embarked on a remarkable journey. Driven by a fervent passion for innovation, he established a company with an exceptional vision: to revolutionize and amplify how people use technology.
One fantastic project crossed his desk for the second time in 5 years.

The first time he was in a different role, move, modernize, and expand the core network infrastructure of the Caribbean’s preferred sports channel, SportsMax.

SportsMax is the top source for premier sports content from local, regional, and international sources. Established in 2002, we provide the best quality production and broadcast to over 1.5 million households across 26 Caribbean territories. Access our content through diverse broadcast platforms and enjoy international content like the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, NBA, La Liga, and regional content like Jamaica Premier League and Caribbean Premier League. Our sister station, CEEN TV, streams Caribbean content on its YouTube channel and website, http://www.ceen.tv. We’re committed to being the driving force for sports content and the undisputed Home of Champions.

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Through diligent effort and meticulous planning, Dapango Technologies has provided invaluable guidance and designed an optimal solution that not only accomplishes the primary goal of modernizing and expanding the core network infrastructure but also guarantees the safeguarding of investments and the training of SportsMax employees for the future. With unerring precision and remarkable execution, Dapango Technologies has successfully accomplished these formidable tasks.

Thus, SportsMax has complete trust and confidence in Dapango Technologies as their infrastructure provider, cementing their partnership for years.

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