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Are you in the retail Sector? Discover the consequences of not having a security plan, protect your business against Ransomware attacks this 2023 with Dapango Technologies.
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State of Ransomware attack in the retail sector 2023: The Importance of Prevention with Dapango Technologies

Discover the consequences of not having a security plan in the retail sector and protect your business against ransomware attacks in 2023 with Dapango Technologies. According to recent studies, only 26% of companies are able to prevent a ransomware attack.

The most recent reports indicate that the outage rate from ransomware attacks has decreased to 28%, suggesting difficulties in preventing these attacks already in progress. Given this, companies, aware of the threat, are taking proactive measures, evaluating their security through audits. The battle against ransomware intensifies in the retail sector, and Sophos’ Chester Wisniewski warns of the need for more robust security measures.

43% of retail victims who paid the ransom faced costs four times higher than those who used backups ($3 million vs. $750,000). Dapango Technologies’ secure backup systems are crucial to avoiding the costly consequences of ransomware.

Reports reveal that 71% of retail companies attacked by ransomware suffered data encryption, and although the rate of attacks has decreased, effective recovery has reduced. In the face of this growing digital threat, Dapango Technologies strongly recommends the implementation of cybersecurity best practices.

How can Dapango Technologies Protect your Company against Ransomware attack?

Free Assessment: Take advantage of our free assessment and discover your vulnerabilities.

Special Discount: This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, secure your company with an exclusive discount of up to 25%.

Key Prevention Steps:

Regular Maintenance: Update systems and apply patches promptly.

Secure Backups: Avoid paying ransoms with reliable backup systems.

Security Hygiene: Review configurations and keep systems up to date.

Act Now with Dapango Technologies!

The digital age requires preparation. Make backups, practice data recovery, and maintain an up-to-date incident response plan. With Dapango, you are well prepared to face any attack. 

Don’t wait; Act now and protect your valuable data!

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Take advantage of our free assessment and discount of up to 25% this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Take advantage of this opportunity! Protect yourself with Dapango Technologies and keep your company safe.

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