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Discover how Dapango Technologies paved the way for JOC Cards' success in the online gambling industry, overcoming technological obstacles and providing customized solutions. Join us to embrace innovation and transform your company towards a digital future. Turn challenges into opportunities with Dapango Technologies!
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Success in the New Era of Gaming: The Story of JOC Cards (RaspaGames and InstaGames.pa) with Dapango Technologies.

In the fast-paced world of online gambling, innovation and speed are critical, JOC Cards (RaspaGames and InstaGames) understood this fundamental principle but faced significant challenges when implementing modern technologies in a saturated market.

The Visionary JOC Cards Initiative

The story begins with JOC Cards, a company determined to make a difference in the instant gambling industry. Despite outdated SMTP connections and obstacles presented by legacy systems, They had a clear vision: to provide instant and exciting gaming experiences using the most advanced technology.

Overcoming Obstacles with Dapango Technologies

The JC team encountered challenges when dealing with suppliers and vendors who insisted on working with outdated systems. This is where Dapango Technologies came into play as a strategic ally. Our experience in migrations and cloud-based solutions allowed JOC Cards to overcome legacy obstacles and move towards a more efficient and technologically advanced future.

A Successful Transition and Lasting Partnership

The collaboration with Dapango Technologies was not just a transition but an evolution. We have worked closely with various growth phases, providing managed services and cloud solutions as they progressed. Currently, JOC Cards relies on Dapango Technologies as its Technology Management and Cloud Services Provider.

Tangible Results and Continued Success

The relationship with JOC Cards is a testament to our commitment to our customers’ success. By overcoming technological challenges and providing customized solutions, we have paved the way for JOC Cards to thrive in the new era of online gaming.

A Bright Future with Dapango Technologies

This success story with Dapango Technologies is not just an isolated case but an example of our dedication to driving our customers to success in an ever-changing digital world. 

If you are ready to transform your business and embrace the technological future, join us at Dapango Technologies, where we turn challenges into opportunities and build lasting success stories.


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