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Technological transformation of the Miami Beach Convention Center with Dapango Technologies
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Successful technological transformation: Dapango Technologies boosts the efficiency of the Miami Beach Convention Center

Successful technological transformation: Dapango Technologies boosts the efficiency of the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Whenever there’s a change in the top management of any organization, many things can become uncertain, and each approach can be unique. Understanding the company culture and learning every process and change can be exhausting, especially when it involves bringing agility and efficiency to an ongoing operation.

Accounts Payable Process: Even a tiny change in the arrangements payable process, such as swapping payment methods, can be a monumental task. It requires changing providers and redeploying some of the already-in-place solutions. This involves managing and processing invoices, verifying their accuracy, and ensuring timely payments to vendors and suppliers. Dapango Technologies understands the complexities involved in such changes and has the expertise to streamline the accounts payable process for organizations like the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Migrating from Credit Card Payments to Purchase Orders: Dapango Technologies successfully helped and supported the Miami Beach Convention Center in migrating from credit card payments to a purchase order process. This transition involves a significant shift in making payments, moving away from credit cards, and implementing a system where purchase orders are used to initiate and authorize payments. 

Dapango Technologies provided the necessary assistance to facilitate this migration, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing disruptions to the center’s operations.

Extending Credit Terms: As part of their support to the Miami Beach Convention Center, Dapango Technologies developed credit terms to help ease the transition to the purchase orders process. This means that the center can make payments within a specific timeframe, providing them with better cash flow management and financial planning.

Technology Expertise: Dapango Technologies brings extensive knowledge and expertise in the technology field. They work with top brands like Dell, Microsoft, Honeywell, Logitech, and HP to provide their clients with top-notch value, cost-effectiveness, and agility. This expertise allows Dapango Technologies to understand the unique requirements of organizations like the Miami Beach Convention Center and offer tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

Cloud Services: The Miami Beach Convention Center trusts Dapango Technologies as their go-to cloud service provider. Cloud services provide organizations with flexible computing resources, allowing them to scale their operations based on demand. Dapango Technologies helps the center leverage the power of the cloud to enhance its operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Managed Services: Besides cloud services, Dapango Technologies also serves as the managed services provider for the Miami Beach Convention Center. Managed services involve proactively managing and maintaining an organization’s IT infrastructure and systems. Dapango Technologies ensures that the center’s technology environment is monitored, optimized, and secure, providing peace of mind and allowing its staff to focus on their core activities.

Equipment Provider: Dapango Technologies offers cloud and managed services and serves as an equipment provider for the Miami Beach Convention Center. They collaborate with top technology brands to supply high-quality equipment and solutions that enhance the center’s operations and meet their technology requirements.

In conclusion, Dapango Technologies has successfully assisted the Miami Beach Convention Center in navigating changes in its accounts payable process, specifically the migration from credit card payments to a purchase order process. They have extended credit terms, provided technology expertise, and served as a trusted cloud, managed services, and equipment provider. 


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