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    ¡We renew our philosophy before the end of 2023!

    As technology advisors, we understand innovation’s momentum in recent years. As we interact with our clients, we evaluate the scope and impact it generates in their companies, which is why we decided to change how We offer our solutions, thus creating a set of products and services adapted to the challenges that companies face today, regardless of their size or what they do.

    What do we mean by this?

    After constant study, we managed to recognize that as technology evolves, not only companies experience growth but also scammers and hackers who find vulnerable sectors to benefit from them, with one of their main focuses being their confidential data. Although it may seem unrelated, pandemics and climate change create the ideal environment for these. Unfortunately, they use the vulnerable state of human beings to commit fraud and scams.

    These criminal strategies from fraudulent organizations are becoming increasingly common, intending to generate profits by stealing confidential information without considering the damage it causes to its victims. This type of unethical behavior can have devastating consequences not only in business but also for the end clients. We must be attentive and aware of these risks, which are also part of the new technological environment we live in daily. 

    The Dapango team and government regulators across various nations acknowledge the significance of safeguarding consumer data. Consequently, they have instituted more stringent regulations and prioritized efforts to thwart malicious entities and cybercriminals from accessing this delicate information.

    At Dapango, our top priority is assisting our valued clients in safeguarding their data and preparing for potential system failures due to unforeseeable weather patterns. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that our client’s business operations continue uninterrupted while complying with regulatory requirements in their respective countries, which can prevent costly penalties and detrimental disruptions.

    Our focus areas determine the services we provide:

    Dapango CaaS: is a cloud-based service that allows companies to outsource and automate their compliance processes. The goal is to reduce the workload of organizations, reduce economic costs, and simplify compliance requirements. This service is integrated into the company’s procedures through technology, making it automated and more efficient.

    Dapango Cybersecurity as a Service: It’s essential to ensure that any confidential data stored on devices owned by the company, including information kept in the cloud, is treated with care and protected from harm. To achieve this goal, your cybersecurity plan should involve taking steps to secure your network infrastructure, securely manage passwords, detect and respond promptly to incidents, encrypt data, and educate your staff on the importance of cybersecurity.

    Dapango DRaaS: The Disaster Recovery (DR) process aims to promptly and efficiently recover from any failure or incident. Its objective includes repairing damaged servers or software and retrieving lost information and access credentials. The primary goal of a disaster recovery plan is to resume critical business operations as expeditiously as possible. This is done to minimize any adverse effects caused by the disaster. By doing so, the organization and its staff can continue working usually until the issue is resolved.

    However, we retain our essence. That is why we provide additional services that support your operation. By this, we refer to our Multi Vendor Cloud Marketplace and the Dapango Store, where you will find state-of-the-art equipment to help you achieve your objectives, optimize your workflow, automate your system, or digitize your business to improve work performance.

    We welcome you to a new era at Dapango Technologies, where we combine our team of professionals’ knowledge, technology, and experience to shape a better world.

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