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  • In the face of increasingly stringent regulations and complex legal frameworks, companies must implement effective and ingenious solutions to overcome these obstacles. That's where Dapango CaaS comes in.

  • Disaster Recovery Site as a Service

    To keep your business running smoothly, even during unexpected events, it's crucial to have a solid plan and strategy in place. That's where we come in.

  • Cyber Security

    Approximately every 39 seconds, there is a cyber-attack in the world. Please do not wait to be attacked to increase your organization's security. Ensure your sustainability and generate customer confidence by protecting your business and reputation with our solutions.

  • Tools that complement our Services.

    Find the technology that simplifies your tasks, increases your productivity, improves your daily activity performance, and securely stores your data.

Are you prepared for the future?

We know that it is vital for you to guarantee the continuity of your business, protect your networks and infrastructure from malicious attacks, have a backup of your operation, and avoid costly interruptions by regulatory entities. At Dapango, we know these challenges, so we create the ideal environment to make your business resilient to changes without sacrificing your strategic focus, staying one step ahead of your competition and generating unforgettable customer experiences.

It is how we contribute to shaping a better world for all!.

Alberto Davila, CEO.

DA. Digital Advisor

Pango Fixer in Latin.

We find diverse and creative ways to solve the challenges we encounter every day, such as our hedgehog Dante who due to his physiology must find alternatives to perform even the simplest tasks without help in nature.

Compliance as a Service

Regulatory compliance and risk management are crucial to achieve success and ensure long-term sustainability in today’s fast-paced business world. Companies face the challenge of navigating complex legal frameworks and mounting regulations and, as such, must devise innovative and efficient strategies to overcome these obstacles.

This is where Compliance as a Service (CaaS) comes in – a solution that streamlines compliance management from end to end with maximum efficiency.

To learn how this solution helps thousands of companies worldwide maintain activity, please visit the following link.

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CyberSecurity as a Service

Investing in Cybersecurity can ensure your organization’s sustainability and build trust with your clients. This is because it protects your activity and reputation from potential cyber-attacks. Outsourcing your security needs can also free up time to generate more business instead of worrying about locking down your digital assets.

Prevention is the best way to survive a cyber-attack. By allowing trained professionals to handle your Cybersecurity, you can focus on your daily activities with peace of mind.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of Cybersecurity and the solutions that we provide to keep our clients safe, please visit the following link.


Disaster Recovery as a Service

Have you ever considered what would happen to your business in the event of a natural disaster, power outage, or security breach? Would your operations continue to function seamlessly?.

If you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, it’s time to consider the benefits of our world-class solutions. We can provide the support you need to ensure your business stays up and running no matter what challenges may arise.

Visit the following link to know more.

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Innovative solutions adapted to your needs will help you centralize all your subscriptions, keeping your data safe.

Multi Vendor Cloud Marketplace

High-Tech simplifies your tasks, increases your productivity and improves your performance.

Dapango Store

Together we can do virtually anything

Our mission is to empower our clients by providing innovative solutions and delivering outstanding experiences. We are committed to safeguarding your networks and infrastructure from cyber threats and ensuring compliance with regulations to preserve your integrity. Schedule a personalized meeting today to learn how we can help your business to reach the next level.

Knowledge is the KEY tool to shape a better world. But it is the way you apply it that generates a positive impact on humanity. Our resources and solutions offer the expertise you need to maximize the potential of technology and confidently overcome any obstacles. Let us guide you through the process of learning how to use them to optimize your workflow, protect your information and elevate your capabilities.



Cloud-to-cloud mailbox migration

We understand that moving from one service provider to another, updating core systems, and modernizing applications can be intimidating, especially when it involves the main communication system of emails. However…


Modernización de infraestructuras

Diseñé, diseñé y proporcioné la infraestructura central de la red para el canal deportivo del Caribe de elección en un enfoque de hoja de columna vertebral utilizando la tecnología de Aruba Networks; estamos orgullosos de apoyar el compromiso de Sportsmax de proporcionar contenido deportivo de la más alta calidad al Caribe.


DELL Server

Whenever there’s a change in the top management of any organization, a lot of things can become uncertain, and each approach can be unique. It can be…


Ajixo Group, a company aiming to introduce cutting-edge technology to the Caribbean Market, has found a reliable resource in Dapango TechnologiesDapango specializes in providing valuable insights and networking opportunities, making it an ideal partner for Ajixo Group’s expansion efforts.


Expanding a business and introducing new services and revenue streams can be a complex undertaking that requires careful consideration and strategic planning. AGV Consulting recognized the importance of partnering with experts to ensure the success of their endeavors. After conducting extensive research, they identified Dapango Technologies as the ideal collaborator to revolutionize CCTV monitoring systems in Panama.

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We value the trust you have placed in us and we are committed to providing you with the highest quality cybersecurity solutions. We know that data security and information protection are paramount in today’s business world, and we are dedicated to working tirelessly to make sure your business and environment are protected from cyber threats.

Our team of cybersecurity experts are here to provide you with exceptional service, personalized solutions and constant advice to ensure that you are in the best hands. We value your partnership and are excited for the opportunity to work with you and help you achieve your digital security goals.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions, concerns, or need additional assistance. Once again, thank you for trusting Dapango Technologies as your cybersecurity partner.

Warm Regards,
Dapango Technologies.

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